• Lex Voytek

4 Tips You’ll Learn About How to Be a Better Writer That Might Be B.S.

1.) Write Early in the Morning

If you are one of those magical people, unlike myself, and you actually enjoy waking up early then writing first thing in the morning may be a good plan for you. For me, forcing a specific time of day on my writing only makes me waste more time agonizing over a blank screen. The main goal of every writer should be to try to form consistency in their writing habits. It doesn’t have to be every single day, or in the wee hours of the morning, but finding and defending consistent time to write is important.

2.) Just Read a lot

Now, before anyone gets mad for this one, I genuinely believe everyone should be reading more, and writers certainly should read as much as possible. My gripe about this tid bit of advice is that simply reading a lot will not miraculously turn you into a good writer. One has to know how to read as a writer, and also, the mechanics of how to craft a story. Just because I watch a lot of movies doesn’t mean I know how to make one. People take for granted the importance of learning the craft of storytelling. Once you learn what you are reading for as a writer, then reading can help improve your writing more effectively.

3.) Have a Word-count Goal Every Day and Stick to it

I am an impatient person, so I know it is tempting to just keep hitting word count goals and keep up my writing endurance at all costs. However, I have been learning to accept that some stories take time to incubate and no amount of pushing past half-formed ideas and accepting that I will just go back and edit a lot will change the fact that a story demands more time than I hoped when I first set out to write it. Every first draft will need extensive editing, but it isn’t against the rules to be more methodical and take a story at the pace that it wants to be written in. In the long run, I have had to compensate for a lot of bad and hasty writing with twice as much, twice as painful, editing sessions.

4.) Write Drunk, Edit Sober

Ultimately, it is probably best to do both sober. I have written many a thing drunk, don’t get me wrong, and sometimes that works for me. It is cathartic and sometimes even a little more raw and insightful. It is necessary to point out, though, that most of the things that I write drunk are in need of more editing, and they are not nearly as profound or useful in the light of day. Unless you can insure that your readers will be drunk too, keep the drunken writings to a minimum, or prepare yourself for more extensive editing, because you thought texting your ex was a good idea the same night you drunkenly wrote the thing too.


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